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Katrina Fox SEO copywriter

Gone are the days of stuffing keywords over and over into your website copy and blog posts (thank Goddess! laughing).

Google has finally come out and said it wants us to write for humans first (yay!).

But that doesn’t spell the end of SEO.

SEO is about understanding the needs of your audience and speaking to them in a way that resonates with them.

It’s about understanding what your visitors are looking for when they land on your site (aka ‘search intent’) and crafting content that meets their needs and answers their questions.

Hiring an SEO copywriter (like moi) is a way to maximise your chances of being found by search engines by creating engaging, relevant content that both search engine algorithms and your audience will love. 

    Katrina is an absolute professional and pleasure to work with – she is the highest quality communicator and deeply intelligent writer who brings a plethora of ideas, outstanding writing, incredible contacts, and an inspiring work ethic.”

    - Roberto Damante, Content Director, Pinstripe Media


    Can you guarantee to get me to number 1 on Google?

    No. And if anyone tells you they can, you should run! What I can do is maximise your chances of going up the search rankings, by placing keywords in the right places and making sure you’re using relevant keywords.

    Do you use black hat techniques?

    Hell no! The only time I’d wear a black hat would be if I was out on the town (and it would have sparkles on it laughing). I don’t use any dodgy tactics like keyword stuffing, article spinning or backlinks from iffy sites. I only use white hat, legitimate SEO strategies.

    What SEO training have you done?

    I’m a graduate of Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success, which is renowned in the industry as being one of the most robust and comprehensive courses. I’m also a member of two of her paid membership groups so I keep up to date on the latest developments in SEO.

    Why hire me for copywriting and content marketing?

    I’m an experienced journalist turned copywriter, content marketer and PR strategist, which means you get the benefit of my skills in:


    • Storytelling
    • Research
    • Fact checking – I once saved a plant-based meat brand from the major embarrassment of almost sending out a press release with an incorrect sustainability claim about their packaging
    • Interviewing – I’ve interviewed people from all walks of life, from A-list celebrities and CEOs to social justice advocates, business owners and everyone in between. I host an interview-based podcast with almost 200 episodes. This means I’m skilled in teasing out relevant nuggets from you, your staff and your customers.
    • Persuasive copywriting using proven frameworks to (ethically) encourage your customers to buy from you
    • Content strategy (no more churning out content that doesn't bring you results)
    • PR strategy (as an experienced, award-winning journalist, I know what the media want and how to get the best chance of free publicity for your brand)

    Hey, I'm Katrina Fox.
    I help you find, craft & share your stories to inspire, influence & impact your audience. I'm a personal brand coach and PR strategist for purpose-led entrepreneurs as well as a content marketing writer and content strategist for agencies and larger brands. With more than 2 decades of experience as a journalist and seven years’ experience in copywriting, content marketing and PR, I’m here to help you use strategic storytelling to grow your business and become a stand-out star in your industry.

    Keen to work with me?

    Get in touch and we'll go from there.