Vegan Ventures: Start & Grow an Ethical Business (2015) – Author

Vegan Ventures by Katrina Fox book cover

This book is the first of its kind on how to start and run a successful vegan business. It features practical and inspirational success strategies for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs, with insights from 60+ professionals, and a foreword from Philip Wollen, OAM, former vice-president of Citibank.

While many of the challenges, advice, and strategies apply to any business, running an animal-free operation brings its own set of extra, specific challenges.

Published by Vegan Business Media.

I’ve contributed chapters to the following:

Circles of Compassion: Essays Connecting Issues of Justice (2014), edited by Dr Will Tuttle

Circles of Compassion book cover

I contributed an essay to this anthology by Dr Will Tuttle (author of The World Peace Diet), which explores how the seemingly disparate issues of human, animal, and environmental rights are indeed connected.

Authors also provide practical guidance about how to make the individual, systems, and social changes necessary to effectively create a peaceful and just world for all.

My essay is entitled Why Compassion is Essential to Social Justice and explores my own experiences of sexism, racism, homophobia and speciesism.

Published by Vegan Publishers.

Plant Powered Women: Pioneering Vegan Female Leaders Share Their Vision for a Healthier, Greener, Compassionate World (2014), edited by Kathy Divine

Plant Powered Women book cover

I’m interviewed in this collection of contributions by women from across the globe who are thriving on a plant-powered (vegan) diet and lifestyle.

The anthology features plant-powered health professionals, athletes, a chef, the CEO of The Vegan Society, media pioneers and journalists, animal sanctuary founders as well as women who have revitalised their health by embarking on the vegan lifestyle.

My interview is in the vegan journalists and media pioneers section.

Published by KDP Publishing

I’m the editor of the following anthologies:

Trans People in Love (2008), with Tracie O’Keefe

Trans People in Love by Katrina Fox book cover

This is a collection of real-life stories by people who are transsexual, transgendered, intersex, androgyne, multi-gendered, non-gendered and their experiences of being in love and in a relationship.

This honest and respectful volume shares the beauty and complexity that trans identity brings to a romantic relationship, what skills and mindsets are needed to forge positive relationships, and demonstrates the reality that trans people in all stages of transition can create stable and loving relationships that are both physically and emotionally fulfilling.

Published by Routledge

Finding the Real Me: True Tales of Sex & Gender Diversity (2003), with Tracie O’Keefe with Tracie O’Keefe

Finding the real me by Katrina Fox book cover

This is an extraordinary collection of real-life stories told by a wide-range of sex and gender diverse people.

These healing tales of struggle and transformation reveal just how creative, resourceful, and adventurous the individuals in this community can be and also helps to bridge the gap between ignorance and understanding.

Finding the Real Me is a landmark book that encourages us to embrace diversity, to never fear our differences, and to remain always in awe of our amazing possibilities.

Published by Jossey Bass

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