Copywriting & Content Strategy for Purpose-Led Brands

Let me sprinkle some (eco-friendly) glitter on the words you use to connect with your audience.

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8 seconds at the most. That’s how long you’ve got to grab someone’s attention with your content.

So beige isn’t going to cut it.

If you want people to:

  • Stay and explore your website instead of racing away from it quicker than Usain Bolt 🏃‍♂️
  • Buy your stuff with the enthusiasm of an Abba fan meeting Agnetha 🙌
  • Love your brand so much they send a ton of referrals your way… then:

You need the right words that connect with your ideal customers at the right time.

That’s where I come in.

What I do

Website Copywriting

Persuasive, data-driven copy for your website to get sales.

Blog Copywriting

Engaging blog posts that keep customers on your site.

SEO Copywriting

SEO-optimised content to help your customers find you.


Website Reviews

Find out what’s working on your site and what needs fixing.

Case Studies & Interviews

Showcase how your brand makes your customers’ lives better.

White Papers & Ebooks

Boost your authority with research-driven, long-form content.

PR Strategy & Media Kit

A plan & press kit to get your brand featured regularly in the media.

Content Strategy

What type of content you need and a plan to create it.

Who I am

I’m Katrina Fox

I help your brand sparkle to attract customers like a magpie to a sequin in the sunlight.

With more than two decades as a journalist and seven years’ experience in conversion copywriting and content marketing, I use my skills to research your ideal customers to come up with words that entice them (ethically of course) to buy from you.

No dodgy manipulative tactics: Just smart, creative copywriting using proven frameworks, backed by a solid content strategy to help you succeed.

Who I work with

I love to help agencies, brands, business owners, thought leaders, experts, personalities and creatives in the following spaces:










Katrina is not only hardworking, but really easy to work with. She remains flexible in her approach and can see fantastic opportunities as they arise.”

- Tammy Fry, Fry Family Food Company

Brands I’ve worked with

Through my work with Pinstripe Media agency, I’ve written content marketing articles for the following:

Katrina is an absolute professional and pleasure to work with – she is the highest quality communicator and deeply intelligent writer who brings a plethora of ideas, outstanding writing, incredible contacts, and an inspiring work ethic

- Roberto Damante, Content Director, Pinstripe Media

I’ve also worked with:

Client love

I capitalised on the depths of Katrina's expertise by enlisting her to do my website copywriting, book descriptions and press releases. This hugely expanded my exposure and elevated my brand, taking it to the next level. Katrina has been integral to establishing my reputation and new business. Throughout the journey, she has proven herself to be an absolute authority and joy to work with.”

- Todd Sinclair, Rebel Vegan Life

Katrina has been of great assistance to the LHMU in presenting accurate and carefully written text to our members and industry stakeholders. She has helped the communications team put together text for website, national magazines and newsletters. Katrina is a really good team member and always delivers to deadlines; I greatly value her skills.”

- Bronwyn Ridgway, former LHMU National Coordinator Communications & Strategiesdia

It was great to have an experienced eye over our website, assessing it afresh and knowing that Katrina was absolutely a cheerleader for the business. I loved that Katrina’s suggestions included lots of immediately actionable items – as well as longer-term changes. She has incredible depth of knowledge, is generous with it, and the positivity of her sparkling energy is contagious!”

- Alice Shopland, Angel Foods

I loved the preciseness and the way Katrina looked at each detail on my website from the viewer's perspective. She pointed out things I wasn’t aware of, and gave excellent suggestions for modifying the wording of titles and explanations describing my course. Katrina is an excellent content and marketing strategist.”

- Karen Ranzi, I Feel Fabulous with Food

Katrina has a great eye for what’s trending and who to get your work in front of. I wanted to make sure my brand reached the right people with the right message and Katrina helped me do that. I recommend her 100 percent!”

- Sara Kidd, Vegan baker & author

I thoroughly appreciated being able to consult with Katrina on various strategies. She is very well connected in the vegan and plant-based business space and is full of expert PR and marketing knowledge. I highly recommend her services and am keen to work with her again.”

- Claire Smith, Beyond Investing

Words written

Years' experience

Interviews carried out

Happy Customers

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