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You’re not just a business offering your products or services, you’re a publisher. And your website is your very own media outlet.

Yes, blog copywriting is still important.

It may be tempting to build your ‘home’ on rented land (aka only pump out content on social media).

But what happens if one or more of those platforms shuts down or decides they don’t like you anymore and shuts you down?

While it’s great to use social channels to distribute and amplify your content, it’s important to bring your audience to your owned channels.

With a strategic, data-driven blog, you can:

  • Build trust, authority and credibility with your audience through unique and informative content
  • Increase your website’s visibility and online presence with fresh, up-to-date content that engages and educates your audience
  • Generate leads and convert them into customers by providing valuable, rich information
  • Keep visitors coming back for more with interesting, engaging content
  • Repurpose the content on other channels

I specialize in SEO-optimised blog copywriting services that will help you reach your target audience while establishing you or your brand as an expert and leader in your field.

What’s included:

  • Researching and understanding your target audience
  • Basic keyword research to ensure that your content is optimised for the right search terms
  • Crafting blog posts that are engaging, informative and relevant for your audience
  • Writing content that’s tailored to your brand’s voice and style
  • Optimising content for search engine visibility (while always writing for humans first)
  • Headline suggestions and meta description
  • Suggestions for accompanying images/video
  • 2 rounds of minor revisions
  • Final proofread
  • Packaged in copydeck to give to your web team

Katrina is an absolute professional and pleasure to work with – she is the highest quality communicator and deeply intelligent writer who brings a plethora of ideas, outstanding writing, incredible contacts, and an inspiring work ethic.”

- Roberto Damante, Content Director, Pinstripe Media


I prefer to do blog posts as part of a package or retainer and in line with your content and SEO strategy. If you don’t have one of these, I can help you create it for an additional fee.

There’s little point in churning out the occasional, mediocre blog post stuffed with keywords just because some dodgy SEO company told you to.

Blog copywriting is a longer-term investment in your content marketing, so let’s do them properly.

To give you an idea of pricing:

Articles 600-800 words: From $500 AUD
Articles 1000-1500 words: From $900 AUD

Articles 2000-3000 words: From $2000 AUD

Above fees are approximate and depend on how much research I need to do, whether you want basic or intensive keyword research included, and if interviews are required).


What does it cost?

It depends on what you’re after, but you can get idea of prices on my blog copywriting page.

How long does it take?

For retainer clients, I can typically handle one or two posts a week. For one-off pieces, depending on whether I need to do interviews for the article, I can usually turn these around 2-3 days, sometimes sooner if it’s urgent.

How much notice do you need?

It depends on my workload. Sometimes I can turn around a post within 48 hours if it’s urgent if you give me a solid brief and information.

What kind of clients & brands do you write for?

With more than 25 years’ experience as a journalist writing for a range of different industries, I can turn my hand to most topics and enjoy the diversity. That said, I specialise in purpose-led brands and thought leaders, including vegan, plant-based, alt protein, alt dairy, eco, BCorps. I also specialise in tech and SaaS. I’m happy to work with agencies as well as with brands directly. I don’t work with companies who sell or make products with animal ingredients; nor do I work with fossil fuel brands or Big Pharma.

What do you need from me?

A detailed brief, including keywords you want to target and any relevant background information. Or, if you’d like me to come up with ideas for topics and/or help you create a blog strategy, we’d need to get on a deep dive call and complete a briefing document.

Do you factor in SEO?

I sure do. I have a solid understanding of SEO having completed Kate Toon’s comprehensive Recipe for SEO Success course and will make sure that your keywords are in all the right places (with no dodgy keyword stuffing and always writing for humans first).

Why should I hire you?

You get the benefit of someone with more than 25 years of journalism experience (storytelling, research, fact checking), as well as copywriting skills and the latest content marketing know-how. This means you get helpful, relevant, engaging content for your audience to position you or your brand as a thought leader and expert. I’m also friendly, fun and reliable.

How do I get started?

Fill out the short form on my Contact page and we’ll go from there.

What's the process of working with you?

Find out the details on my How I Work page.

Why hire me for copywriting and content marketing?

I’m an experienced journalist turned copywriter, content marketer and PR strategist, which means you get the benefit of my skills in:


  • Storytelling
  • Research
  • Fact checking – I once saved a plant-based meat brand from the major embarrassment of almost sending out a press release with an incorrect sustainability claim about their packaging
  • Interviewing – I’ve interviewed people from all walks of life, from A-list celebrities and CEOs to social justice advocates, business owners and everyone in between. I host an interview-based podcast with almost 200 episodes. This means I’m skilled in teasing out relevant nuggets from you, your staff and your customers.
  • Persuasive copywriting using proven frameworks to (ethically) encourage your customers to buy from you
  • Content strategy (no more churning out content that doesn't bring you results)
  • PR strategy (as an experienced, award-winning journalist, I know what the media want and how to get the best chance of free publicity for your brand)

Hey, I'm Katrina Fox.
I help you find, craft & share your stories to inspire, influence & impact your audience. I'm a personal brand coach and PR strategist for purpose-led entrepreneurs as well as a content marketing writer and content strategist for agencies and larger brands. With more than 2 decades of experience as a journalist and seven years’ experience in copywriting, content marketing and PR, I’m here to help you use strategic storytelling to grow your business and become a stand-out star in your industry.

Keen to work with me?

Get in touch and we'll go from there.