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Author Todd Sinclair wrote and published three books about vegan living:

Rebel Vegan Life book cover
Rebel Vegan Life Plant Based Nutrition book cover
Rebel Vegan Life Veganism on the Go book cover

Todd wanted his original descriptions to be updated to be much more engaging and entice people to buy it, as well as to better reflect his voice and the Rebel Vegan brand.

Here are the original descriptions:

I worked with Todd to get to know him and his aims and personality. I also took my extensive knowledge of how to market veganism (to both vegans and non-vegans, the latter being the much larger audience) and rewrote the descriptions.

Here are the new descriptions:

As well as the book descriptions I also created an online media kit for Todd, including a press release and bios document.

Todd was so happy with the copy that he used it for the basis of his newly-launched website.

I capitalised on the depths of Katrina's expertise by enlisting her to do my website copywriting, book descriptions and press releases. This hugely expanded my exposure and elevated my brand, taking it to the next level. Katrina has been integral to establishing my reputation and new business. Throughout the journey, she has proven herself to be an absolute authority and joy to work with.”

- Todd Sinclair, Rebel Vegan Life

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