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Content strategy Katrina Fox

How often do you throw spaghetti against your kitchen wall and hope it sticks?

Unless you’re a tad weird (no judgement), probably never.

But you may be doing the equivalent with your content.

Do you know which content on your site is working well for you (and do you know how to properly measure this?)

Or are you churning out content willy-nilly and hoping for the best? (Yet the best doesn’t seem to come).

Is your content aligned with your business goals and designed to achieve them?

If not …

You need a content strategy.

A content strategy is a plan for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

It’s a crucial aspect of your overall marketing plan because it helps to ensure that the content you’re producing and sharing aligns with your brand’s goals and objectives.

Here’s why it’s important for brands to have a content strategy:

  1. It helps to define your target audience: A content strategy helps you to identify who you’re trying to reach with your content and what types of content will be most effective in engaging that audience.
  2. It helps to ensure that all content you produce is consistent in terms of tone, style, and messaging. This helps to create a cohesive brand image and establish trust with your audience.
  3. It helps you to identify the specific goals you want to achieve with your content and to create content that’s optimised to meet those goals.
  4. It helps you plan and schedule your content in advance and to focus on creating high-quality content rather than wasting time and resources on content that may not be effective.

A content strategy can be as basic or indepth as you need.

I specialise in website and other owned-channel content strategy (with recommendations on how to repurpose this across your social channels).

This can include:

  • Analysis of your competitors’ content
  • Deep dive research into your brand and offerings
  • Deep dive research into your customers (and your desired customers)
  • Audit of your current content
  • Analysis of your current content (using Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console)
  • Keyword research
  • Insights document or presentation
  • Content calendar
  • A plan for tracking and measuring the effectiveness of the website’s content and making adjustments as needed


This very much depends on the scope of work but typically content strategy starts from $2000 AUD.


What does it cost?

This depends on the scope of work. Typically a content strategy starts at $2000 AUD.

Do you plan and write the content for me?

I can add this to the scope or I can work with your team to help them do it.

How long does it take?

Depending on the scope, a content strategy can take from 3 to 8 weeks.

How much notice do you need?

It depends on my workload. When you make an enquiry, be sure to list any project deadline if there is one.

What kind of clients or brands do you work with?

With more than 25 years’ experience as a journalist writing for a range of different industries, I can turn my hand to most topics and enjoy the diversity. That said, I specialise in purpose-led brands and thought leaders, including vegan, plant-based, alt protein, alt dairy, eco, BCorps. I also specialise in tech and SaaS. I’m happy to work with agencies as well as with brands directly. I don’t work with companies who sell or make products with animal ingredients; nor do I work with fossil fuel brands or Big Pharma.

What do you need from me?

You’ll need to complete a comprehensive briefing document about your brand and your business goals. We can do this together on a deep-dive Zoom call of between 60-90 minutes. No one knows your brand better than you, so this is an important step to help me deliver a solid content strategy for you. Access to your Google Analytics data is ideal too. I may want to interview some of your team members eg in sales.

Why should I hire you?

You get the benefit of someone with more than 25 years of journalism experience (storytelling, research, fact checking), as well as copywriting skills and the latest content marketing know-how. This means you get someone who’ll analyse what’s working, what isn’t and what kind of content you need to increase your success. I’m also friendly, fun and reliable.

How do I get started?

Fill out the short form on my Contact page and we’ll go from there.

What's the process of working with you?

Find the details on my How I Work page.

Hey, I'm Katrina Fox.
I help you find, craft & share your stories to inspire, influence & impact your audience. I'm a personal brand coach and PR strategist for purpose-led entrepreneurs as well as a content marketing writer and content strategist for agencies and larger brands. With more than 2 decades of experience as a journalist and seven years’ experience in copywriting, content marketing and PR, I’m here to help you use strategic storytelling to grow your business and become a stand-out star in your industry.

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