How I work

Here’s a step-by-step guide to working with me:

1. Fill out my short enquiry form here, telling me a bit about your project and what kind of help you’re after. Please be as specific as possible.

2. If it seems like it may be a fit, we’ll get on a 20-min Zoom call so I can find out a bit more, make sure I can help you, agree the scope of what needs to be done, and give you a rough guide on pricing (you can see ballpark figures on my pricing page).

3. If you’re keen to go ahead, I’ll send you a quote/proposal, detailing everything, including timelines for delivery and the investment for the project. I will stick to the deadline/s so this means you also need to. Make sure you factor in enough time for sending me relevant materials and reviewing the copy.

4. I’ll also send you an invoice with the proposal: If the project value is under $5000, I require full payment up front. If it’s over $5000, I require 50% upfront.

5. You electronically sign and return the proposal, and pay the requested fee as per the invoice.

6. Once I receive payment, I email you a detailed briefing form and we get on a 1-hour Zoom call to go through this (you can choose to fill some or all of it out in writing if you like, but we’ll still get on the call so I can meet you and ask plenty of questions).* **

7. You send me any relevant material, assets etc.

8. I get to work writing your copy.

9. I present you with a first draft. I typically use Google Docs.

10. If there’s any outstanding balance, you pay it

11. We work together towards a final draft: You get 2 rounds of revisions and a final proofread included free of charge. Any further revisions will be charged at a quoted hourly rate which will be noted in the proposal.

12. Meetings: I don’t typically include additional meeting times as we can communicate via Slack or email at this stage). If you do require extra meetings, please let me know at the start so I can build these into the proposal. They will be charged at an hourly rate and done remotely.

13. Once you approve the copy, I send you the final version.

14. I contact you to ask for a testimonial (it’s good to share the love) and if you’d like to be included as a case study on my website (this is of course optional, but it includes a back link to your website which is good for SEO).

* If you’ve hired me to create a PR strategy and media kit for you, we’ll have another Zoom call at the end of the project where I’ll take you through the strategy and you can ask any questions.

** If you opt for the website review, instead of an initial 1-hour Zoom call, you’ll fill out a briefing questionnaire. Once the review is completed and you’ve watched the video I make for you and read the report, we get on a 30-min Zoom call for you to ask any questions.

Hey, I'm Katrina Fox.
I’m a copywriter and content strategist for purpose-led brands and thought leaders. With more than 2 decades of experience as a journalist and seven years’ experience in conversion copywriting and content marketing, I’m here to help your brand sparkle by creating engaging content to attract your ideal customers.

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