About Me

You need words to encourage your customers to buy from you and become raving fans of your brand. But you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to write. I do it for you.

Hey, I’m Katrina Fox. I’m a freelance copywriter, content strategist, content marketing writer and communications specialist.

Since starting out as a journalist more than 25 years ago, I’ve honed my storytelling, research, conversion copywriting and content marketing skills to help businesses like yours succeed.

When you hire me, you get the benefit of someone who:

  • =Knows how to find and write compelling stories that attract the right people to your brand
  • =Understands how to deeply research your target market/s and produce content that resonates with them
  • =Checks facts and sources to make sure your copy is solid so you’re not caught out
  • =Creates engaging, original, SEO-optimised copy that’s written for humans first
  • =Knows how to package all the above into proven copywriting formulas and frameworks that make it a no-brainer for your ideal clients to whip out their credit cards and buy from you (ethically of course)

A few of my work highlights


  • 25 years’ experience as a senior reporter, features writer, sub-editor and editor, both on staff and as a freelancer, on a broad range of print and online media in the UK, US and Australia
  • Regular contributor to Forbes online for a year, writing about vegan and plant-based business
  • Author and editor of several books
  • Written for a heap of B2B outlets in HR, housing, construction, advertising and more
  • Content marketing writing for major brands in the tech, SaaS, finance and business spaces


Thanks to more than a quarter of a century’s experience as a journalist, I can turn my hand to researching and writing in just about any niche or topic.

I do specialise in the following:

Vegan, plant-based, alt protein, alt dairy, animal-free food, fashion & bio tech

I never thought I’d be cool or trendy (I love disco and my favourite band is Abba), but having been vegan for 26 years, I’m finally ‘with it’! cool

If you need a writer well versed in this growing field, I’m your gal.

As well as living the lifestyle, I’m the host of the Vegan Business Talk podcast and author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business, the first global book providing success strategies for aspiring and existing vegan business owners.

Vegan Ventures by Katrina Fox book cover

Purpose-led, eco/sustainable 

If you’re a Bcorp or social enterprise making the world a kinder place for people, animals or planet, you’re my kind of business.

You need to sell your products or services but you want to do it ethically and I’m totally down with that.

No dodgy, manipulative tactics here: Just smart, creative, persuasive copywriting and ethical marketing strategies.

Tech, SaaS, marketing, finance, business

Without tech and marketing, purpose-led brands and thought leaders can’t achieve their mission.

For the past seven years I’ve immersed myself into these areas. I love hearing about new tools and solutions and recommending them to my networks.

I’ve written content marketing pieces and case studies for major brands and startups including Microsoft, Google, Hnry, Freshworks, and many more.

5 fun facts about me

  • I was adopted and got to meet both my birth parents.
  • I’m half-Persian.
  • I met Lauren Bacall outside the Haymarket Theatre in London when I was 18.
  • I left Sophia Loren lost for words at a press conference when I asked her what she thought of same-sex marriage.
  • I won an ‘Oscart’ award in 2005 from the Adelaide Advertiser for my one-woman character comedy show Kitty Minge: Good Time Girl in a Big, Bad World.
Katrina Fox copywriter in silver hat

How I can help you:

Website Copywriting

Persuasive, data-driven copy for your website to get sales.

SEO Copywriting

SEO-optimised content to help your customers find you.

Case Studies & Interviews

Showcase how your brand makes your customers’ lives better.

PR Strategy & Media Kit

A plan & press kit to get your brand featured regularly in the media.

Blog Copywriting

Engaging blog posts that keep customers on your site.

Website Reviews

Find out what’s working on your site and what needs fixing.


White Papers & Ebooks

Boost your authority with research-driven  long-form content.


Content Strategy

What type of content you need and a plan to create it.

Hey, I'm Katrina Fox.
I’m a copywriter and content strategist for purpose-led brands and thought leaders. With more than 2 decades of experience as a journalist and seven years’ experience in conversion copywriting and content marketing, I’m here to help your brand sparkle by creating engaging content to attract your ideal customers.

Ready to work with me?

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